DQS LPO Services

DQS LPO team of professionals include lawyers those trained at well reputable law schools, professional managers with wide experience and support personnel having sharp acumen and enthusiasm for learning.

Successful business dealing expect & excellent teamwork among all the stakeholders involved. In progressively intricate business environment, most transactions demand the combine and seamless involvement of all professionals. To meet this demand we have developed a range of expertise with a team specializing in special fields of different laws. Our team has the ethos of enthusiastic lawyers, cost accountants, company secretaries, chartered accountants and cyber law professionals.

Our Integrated Team

DQS LPO has a professional and committed team of lawyers, IT, technical experts & subject matter, chartered accountants and other industry specific consultants. DQS LPO as team specialize in industry sectors & diverse fields of law which provide complete and quality services. Meeting our client’s needs with cost effectiveness and efficacy is of prime importance to us and we offer comprehensive range of legal services keeping that aim always in focus. We create collaboration in our diverse technical knowledge, legal experience, and process management skills; we are able to provide an integrative range of services.

Our Lawyers

DQS LPO lawyers are members of professional legal groups, chambers of commerce and trade associations ,They are always remain updated on the latest developments and problems affecting businesses. Our legal adviser also contribute to their areas of practice by conferences & media interviews on current legal issues, delivering presentations and participating in seminars and by articles writing and papers on issues related to their areas of specialization.

Our Intellectual Property Professionals

Our team includes Patent law, Trademark and copyright from India and abroad, Intellectual Property attorneys. Our clients always trust our professionals for superior networking skills and executing all their legal assignments relating to Intellectual Property Rights registration and protection.

Technical Experts Team

DQS LPO Technical experts are highly qualified professionals and possess experience of representing in their respective fields in India, and worldwide. Our technical consultants include Patent & trademark attorneys, financial consultants, market analysts, chartered accountants,and other industry specific sectors.

Information Technology Professionals

We have highly qualified professionals and experienced team of cyber technologists, which provide legal services in the dynamic and appearing field of Information Technology law, Internet laws, Intellectual Property issues and e-commerce laws. Our cyber professionals handle issue related to software license agreements , drafting of e-contracts and advise our clients on all aspects related to cyber laws.

Our Paralegals

We have well qualified, dedicated team of paralegals who support in drafting, analysis and execution of strategy formulized by senior members. Our paralegals are well qualified in law and commerce.