Domain Support & Management

Domain Support

DQS LPO professional can support you to protect your domain names, brands and trademarks on the Internet.

The world of domains is large and complex spider web for an unfamiliar person. However, with our domain and digital content service you can relax, knowing your IP is in the safest of hands.

There are now millions of registered domain names to date and a few million unique web pages added every day. Today most of registries operate on a first-come , first-served registration policy so it is required to protect your domain name on Internet.

DQS LPO offers you all-inclusive approach for Domain Support:

Domain Audit

DQS LPO provide you a total overview of your entire domain portfolio and advice for improvements. You’ll get a inclusive global overview of all your domains. This knowledge will then allow you to decide on any future action needed to keep you ahead of the game.

Domain Management

DQS LPO professional will handle all the detailed information and time consuming work for you, saving you money and leaving you in total control.

When ever required to managing your online IP rights, we’ll help you build up your entire domain portfolio in the most practical and cost-effective way possible.

  • Register your brands across all available domain extensions
  • Register names without your details showing on the Whois
  • Domain Centralization with a simple ,project managed process
  • Ensure you renew your names on time
  • Technical Management and DNS Hosting.

Registrant investigation

Our professionals are able to provide you with the details combine with the Registrant of a particular domain name. This may hold all the identification of additional registrations with the same ownership details, information about patterns of domain name registration and research into past dispute resolution cases. Being fully informed will also help you to approach a dispute in the right way, ensuring that all appropriate points are raised during the dispute process and making sure that the domain name is purchased at the world class price.

Worldwide Audit

Our professional look all the registries to isolate any gaps in your domain name registrations and they help you to develop a centralized domain name policy. Our audit can also pursue information on any domain name, and its ownership, that might be of interest to your company – whether to gain improved knowledge or take any action required to stop 3rd party infringement.