Disposition Summaries

One of most important document in legal cases is Disposition Summery, and it requires both litigation expertise as well as strong English writing skills. Attorneys drafting these types of summaries must be able to review, identify most salient facts, analyze, and produce a good articulated synopsis.

DQS LPO has experienced attorneys who control the most required analysis and summarization to produce precise and well articulated deposition transcripts. Our professional summary process reduces testimony to key facts providing a good articulated summary of dates, main events, and witnesses; remove non meaningful information.

DQS LPO will work closely with you and your team to deliver deposition transcripts in the format of your choice as well as other appropriate information:

  • Instruction memos and standard templates based on your needs.
  • Paragraph or story format creating a specific record of names, dates, exhibits, locations, and key facts.
  • Indexed imitation to cross-reference or get back by witness, company name,dates exhibits, subject matter, location, key phrases, or terminology.

DQS LPO Deposition Summaries team available to deliver deposition transcripts in the format of your choice supporting you 24/7/365.