Intellectual Property Right Services

In world wide business environment, international markets have been full fill with newservices and products in the market place which require Trademark and patent protection. Intellectual Property Rights aim to assure ideas , Services , Product and inventions from literary and unauthorized use, so that Intellectual Property can be allineate with the relevant commercial context and able to draw advantage in the process. Intellectual Property support not only requires knowledge of the law and complex technical issues, but also the skills and resources needed to manage the complex research, analysis and reaching to the right conclusions.

Protecting Intellectual Property Assets

Our professional provide all-inclusive range of Intellectual Property Rights support services including Intellectual Property monitoring, trademark searches, application drafting, infringement research and status tracking. All aspects of patent practice such as product clearance searches, prior case searches and drafting of technical specifications are being carried out accomplished and trained resources. We support our clients to trademark protection; secure patent and cost-effectively; control relevant searches to take a decision of patent viability of Intellectual Property of proposed trademark; blueprint your applications and correspondence on ; track their status; and handle any office action that comes up.

Trademark and Patent Search

DQS LPO provide quality research within a short. Most importantly, we customize Intellectual Property support services to meet the individual needs of each client. Depending on specific requirement, we control multi-level searches and list the most relevant results. Our IT infrastructure, regimented security measures, skilled IT resources and total confidentiality policy ensure that Intellectual Property details and trademark and patent searches remain completely safe.